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Tip Of the Month

Holiday shopping can be

tough on your wallet…

DON’T let it be tough on

your back…

Carrying extra baggage during the holidays can weigh you down and cause pain in your back and neck.  Following these simple tips can help you to avoid pain or injury…

Lighten your load before heading out to shop… take your change out of your wallet, Kindle and water bottle out of your purse.  Ladies, to reduce neck and shoulder pain, your purse should be less than 2 lbs.  Gentlemen, carrying your wallets in back pockets when sitting has been known to cause sciatica.

Shop on off hours.  Use a shopping cart when available.  Strategically park so you can make trips to the car to unload rather than overload your body with packages.

Take a break every hour.  Remember to hydrate.

Consider bringing along a rolling backpack or rolling duffle to place packages in while shopping.  When carrying packages, balance the weight evenly on either side of your body.

When lifting heavy items, use the large muscles in your legs and not the small muscles in your back.  Bend at the legs, not at the back.  Avoid twisting when bending from the back.

Wrap your gifts at a comfortable table height like the kitchen table rather than on the floor.

For those with pre-existing painful conditions, consider icing the problem area(s) for 10 minutes upon arriving home.

Follow these simple tips to keep the “Merry” & “Happy” in your Holidays!

Enjoy! ~ The Staff at Life Physical Therapy & Wellness

2555 Hempstead Turnpike, Suite 1, East Meadow, New York 11554